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Rock & Rock Sunset, the cocktail for good times

  Picture Sunset Groove, the chicest rooftop bar in all of Cleveland, where the city's heartbeat pulses to the rhythm of the setting sun. Meet Mia, the vivacious bartender whose cocktails are as dazzling as her smile. One balmy evening, as the sky blushed with hues of pink and gold, Mia decided to concoct a drink that captured the essence of a Cleveland sunset. With a twirl of her shaker, she mixed 2 ounces of smooth bourbon with the tart zest of grapefruit juice, a drizzle of golden honey, and just a dash of bitters for that extra kick. As Mia poured the golden elixir into glasses rimmed with sugar and garnished with a slice of fresh grapefruit, the rooftop buzzed with excitement. The Rock and Roll Sunset was born, a symphony of flavors that danced on the palate like a summer breeze. Word of Mia's creation spread like wildfire, drawing in crowds eager to taste the magic of the Cleveland skyline in a glass. Each sip was an adventure, a burst of citrus and sweetness that l

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