Rock and Roll, the fantasy

Rock and Roll Fantasy, was fun to write because, as the title indicates, its a fantasy. I had a good time creating one girl's daydream as she imagined what could happen if she accidently got on the wrong boat and two rock stars--one she just happened to have a long time crush on--also happened to be on the boat. 


Karrie and her friends had decided this was going to be a quiet, girls-only weekend. She rested her forearms on the rail and typed in a text to Amy, but before she could hit send, someone bumped her elbow.

"No signal out here."

Karrie turned, coming face to face with the blond. He was a lot cuter up close. Bright blue eyes and scruffy stubble outlining his jaw. Yummy.

"It’s not going to do you much good," he said, pointing to her phone, his long fingers reminding Karrie of one of those fantasies she'd had. Something about a guy. Someone famous. A daydream was from a long time ago and involved a crowded dark hallway, loud rock music thumping, and her wearing a really short skirt and no panties. The details were coming back in a hot, slick, rush. A guy had her pinned to the wall...

“You might as well put it away.”

Karrie blushed. Oh, right. The phone.

“You won’t be able to get a signal for a couple hours.”

Somehow her brain caught that detail. "Hours?"

"Yeah. Until we get close to the dock at Key Hope."

Karrie’s shoulders tensed. "This ferry is going to St. Andrews Island."

He shook his head.

“There are two ferries that leave from that port. This one,” he tipped his head towards the crowd on top of the boat, “And the other one. Guess you were trying to get on the other one that goes to St. Andrews.”

Karrie groaned. Amy had specifically told her to get on the one that left first thing in the morning, so when she rushed up and saw one preparing to leave she’d assumed it was the one she wanted. “Are you sure?” she asked.

"Yeah, I am. You’re not going to St. Andrews?" he asked.

"No. And I'm supposed to be meeting my friends." She lifted her phone and scowled at it. "And I won't be able to tell them I messed up for hours." She shoved the phone into her pocket. "This sucks."

He bumped her elbow, obviously trying to cheer her up. “It could be worse.”

He was right, and the playful physical contract was definitely making her disappointment fade, but still she hated thinking that Amy and Rochelle would be worried. “My friends are going to go crazy, wondering what happened to me.”

He glanced over his shoulder, his gaze connecting with his friend. “You’re alone, then?” he asked, looking back at her.

She nodded.

“I’m Ian.” He gestured to the other guy then held out his hand. “Since it’s going to be a long ride, and you’re by yourself, why don’t you hang with us?”


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