Friday, September 7, 2018

Want to Write Sexy? Week long online sex scene writing seminar

Dates: October 8 -October 25, 2018. Cost: $35.00

Would you like to:
  • Create satisfying sex scenes?
  • Examine how  the best sex scenes are structured?
  • Be sure to infuse your sex scenes with emotion?
  • Make sure your sex scenes move the story forward?
Are you:
  • Totally new to writing sex scenes?
  • Have some experience but looking for ways to punch your sexy writing up?
  • Searching for an opportunity to brush up your skills?
If you’re nodding yes to some or all of these questions, this online course may be for you. Taught by an erotic romance author and college writing professor, this course will be a combination of daily challenges, lessons, scene work-shopping, and instructor feedback.

Of course, all correspondence and submissions can remain anonymous.

Week long online sex scene writing seminar will be taught by me erotic romance author/college writing professor Isabelle Drake.

To sign up, or get more information, email:

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

What's Going on Here: Scene structure analysis

Basic scene structure:

X wants [scene goal] _______because [motivation] ________ but [conflict] ________.

The end result of scene:
1.      scene goal is not achieved and situation is worse.
2.      scene goal is achieved but new goal is necessary/new problem created.

More complex scene structure:

X wants [scene goal] _______because [motivation] ________ but [conflict] ________.
Y wants [scene goal] _______because [motivation] ________ but [conflict] ________.


X wants/avoids {internal conflict}_________ from Y because ____________ but __________.
Y wants/avoids {internal conflict}_________  from X because ____________ but __________.

^^^ Use the character’s motivation against her/him. Character must be motivated to move forward.
  •     Character believes she/he ‘has control’ but discovers not true during or after.
  •     Character plans to get the better of other but other turns tables (intentionally or not).


X taking ____________ from Y will cause X to _____________.
Y taking __________ from X will cause Y to _______________.

^^^ This is what happened after. The consequence, the new conflict.

·         Context - location and enveloping action to intensify action.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Tom Cruise: Do we think he's sexy?

Mission Impossible: Fallout, I saw it too. I know many of you did, because those box office figures don’t lie. Apparently, we all loved it too. Lots of action (believable and not) some bombs, bad guys who want to end the world--the usual action stuff. The plot was so straightforward, I had plenty of time to wonder about Tom Cruise…is he sexy?

It didn’t seem to me he was trying to be sexy. Ridiculous with his over the top action, sort of romantic with his lost love, kind of smart with the way he figures things out, and very determined--especially when he was hanging from the cliff, everything looking really, really bad, but he kept trying until he saved everyone. But sexy? I didn’t think so.

It didn’t seem to me ‘they’ were trying to make him appear sexy in Fallout. I liked that. There weren’t any shirtless scenes, no long tough-guy stares. It was only later that I had second thoughts. Maybe he was supposed to be sexy and I just didn’t notice.

I spent about an hour looking through many, many Tom picks. You know what I realized? He always looks the same. Same hair, same smile, same clothes. Even his expressions are pretty much the same.

Even though he looks the same all the time, his career really has been all over the place. He danced in Risky Business, flew planes in Top Gun, disturbed people out in Interview with a Vampire, surprised us in Tropic Thunder, saved the world in the Mission Impossible franchise. Maybe that’s his secret, how he’s gotten to be one of the highest paid male actors. Think of him as a Where’s Waldo for the movie biz.

His personal life, same thing. Married and divorced to very different women, jumped on Oprah's couch,  is said to be one of the nicest people ever.

But wait! There's more to show his life is very varied:
  • At age 14 he enrolled in the seminary, only to drop out at age 15 to become an actor.
  • In 1990, when he married Nicole Kidman, we wore no shoes.
  • 1996, he sued German Magazine Bunte for stating he had a zero his sperm count.
  • Ongoing, is huge fan of professional wrestling.
Now you're intrigued. Right? You need to know,  what’s next for Tom?

Top Gun 2: Maverick! With Val Kilmer and Jennifer Connelly!

OMG! How excited are you!