Fetish 101: Somnophilia...Seduction of the sleeping

A couple days ago, in a post on this blog, I recommended a movie, Sleeping Beauty (2011). The main character takes a job where she lets men touch her while she sleeps. I started to wonder about this...and eventually looked it up.

Yep - this sleeping beauty thing is a fetish: somnophilia. The somnophiliac seeks to awaken a sleeping person with erotic caresses, gentle non-violent touches.

After some looking, I found House of the Sleeping Beauties (2006). Plot info from IMDb: Edmond, a man in his sixties whose wife has recently passed away, is told about a secret establishment where men can spend an entire night in bed alongside beautiful, sleeping young women, who stretch, roll over and dream, but never awaken. Bedazzled by their seductive yet innocent tenderness, but distressed about the reason for their deep sleep, he delves into the mystery of the house of sleeping beauties.

The film is German and the only trailer I could find is without subtitles, but I don't think you need to understand the words to understand the story or main character.

The film is available on instant view with Netflix and since it is critically acclaimed, it's probably also available from libraries.


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