Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Reviews - Servant of the Undead & Mistress of the Undead

Servant of the Undead

"You've seen slow zombies, and fast zombies. You've seen Haitian Voodoo zombies, Deadite zombies, and Vampire zombies. Hell, you've even seen radioactive mutant ghoul zombies. I'm willing to bet, however, you've never seen erotic sex zombies - and, if you have, never quite like this.

"Isabelle Drake doesn't spoon-feed the reader, and I like that. We're in the dark for much of the story, not understanding what Mattie really wants of Hayden, or what the rest of her tribe wants with Rachelle, Hayden's mortal girlfriend. Interwoven into the scenes of cold, sometimes cruel, erotica are themes of power, control, and consent that make this so compelling. While it's hard to form an emotional attachment to any of the characters, it's all too easy to be fascinated by their struggles, and excited by their angry sex.
Yep. These books are something else.
Nope. These books aren't for everyone.

"Servant of the Undead wasn't quite what I expected, and it's better for it."

--Bob Milne, Beauty in Ruins

"It starts right from the beginning.  She did not miss a beat and leaves you holding your breath waiting. I think it was a well written book."

--Jessalee S, Reviewer, NetGalley

"I don’t think this book is going to be a book for everyone but if you like a little monster mixed in with your erotica it may just be the book for you."

--Barks Book Nonsense

Mistress of the Undead

"I enjoyed the magical and mystical aspect.  The zombies in charge are fantastic manipulators and eerily display an ability to use every bit of their sexuality and sensuality to get whatever they want. 

"Drake is a great writer, I can’t dispute that.  I thought the story itself was very thrilling and entertaining.  A good horror story."
--Crypt Countess, The Horror Report

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