Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Unfinished Business, pre-order now from Totally Bound

She ran away from the town that wouldn’t forget, to a city that doesn’t forgive, right into the arms of the guy who insists she set things right.

Less than a year ago, Hayley Jones made a scandalous decision that sent her packing. She left her country hometown, moved to the city and made a new life for herself. But it’s hard being someone else when the real you has some unfinished business.

Hayley knows taking care of the unresolved piece of her past could stir up more trouble and humiliation, so she dodges the truth and puts her energy into her new friends and job. That strategy works for a short while but people from her past start showing up in her present.

Life gets even more complicated when she realizes she’s falling for Nick Noel, a guy who knows she’s running from something, and continually challenges her to be herself. But Hayley is afraid of what will happen if Nick finds out who she really is and what she did back home.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Killer Query Quick, a Madlibs style template to get started

A little something for writers...

Need a query letter in a hurry? Try out this template.
Here's how it works:

  • Select one of the 1's to start the letter. If you have 2 main characters, you may want to fill out the section for each main character.
  • 1A is an alternative start or an alternative add-on.
  • Pick one of the 2's.
  • Add 3, the closing.

1~Character & Conflict
{Adjective}_________________ {adjective} _________________________ {noun}_______________________, {character name} _____________________, wants{goal} __________________________________________________because{motivation}______________________________________________________but{conflict}_______________________________________.

1~Character & Conflict
{Adjective} ____________________ {adjective} ____________________ {character name} _________________________ is {describe character}_________________________________. When {state initial conflict} ______________________________________________. Then {state what intensifies conflict} ________________________________________________. The only way out is _______________________________________, but {conflict}__________________________. Unwilling to give up because {motivation} ________________________________________________, {character} ___________________, must {state what character must learn/do/change/learn/accomplish} _______________________________________________________________________.

1A ~ Setting & Conflict
{Adjective} ____________________ {adjective} ____________________ {setting} ___________________________ is {describe setting}___________________________________. The place that or A place where ___________________________________. But {state initial conflict} and {what intensifies conflict}___________________________________.

2 ~ Manuscript Details
{TITLE} ________________________ is a {genre} _______________________, _________________________ words in length.

2 ~ Manuscript Details
{TITLE}_______________________________, tells a/the story of {theme} _______________________ and shows that {what changes/how character grows/what learned} _________________________________________.

3 ~ Closing
I {tell a bit about yourself} ___________________________. If you’d like to see {TITLE} __________________, I’ll be happy to send it.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

pirate ghost seeks human lover, Brigand Flames out now

His ruffled shirt was open, exposing corded neck muscles and hinting at the powerful chest planes below. Soft leather pants hugged the curves of his thighs, lacing pulled snugly over his crotch.

“I’ll be pleased when I get some answers,” Lacey replied, stepping into the room slowly as she waited for her eyes to adjust to the low light. Behind her, she heard the door close, the lock turn.

He dropped his leg and sauntered toward her, stopping a step away. The dense vapor of sea air drifted under her nose, stirring her senses. Bringing back memories that weren’t quite hers.

A single lock of hair fell across his forehead as he dipped closer to speak in husky tones. “I am what you seek.”

This is an excerpt from Brigand Flames is an Exotika Ebook from Ellora's Cave.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

"God wills it,"for the final notable woman pirate

Anne Dieu-le-Vent, whose nickname reveals her ability to get whatever she wants, was one of the final notable women pirates of the 17th century. According to legend, after one pirate killed her husband, she challenged him to a duel. He refused. She became his lover and the two fought side by side. Toward the end of her career, she made her home in Mississippi.

Intrigued by pirates?

Check out my story Brigand Flames, the story of a ghost pirate seeking a human lover. Available on Kindle and direct from the publisher, Ellora's Cave.