Friday, September 12, 2014

Padlocked dog and other thoughts on travel and such

 originally posted on Female First,
You are an avid traveller, so which is your favourite destination?
My favourites are walkable cities or cities with good public transportation: Boston, New Orleans, Washington, DC are some places I love. I like to start in one spot, wander, and see where I end up. 
About a week ago I was hanging out with a friend in Boston. We started our day at the Boston Public Library. That library has a gorgeous courtyard. It’s a great place to read, write, or people watch, so go there if you ever have a chance. We spent a couple hours there, then started walking toward The Commons. After we sat on a hill near the carousel, we headed toward Newbury Street. My friend bought a couple pairs of sandals, I read a funny book about cats, and then we ate lunch at an Irish Pub. I love that kind of day, just wandering around, seeing whatever there is to see.
Also, I like museums. It might sound strange, but I like to go by myself. That way I can stay as long as I want. Last time I was in New York, I went to the MoMA and saw the Century of the Child exhibit, a fascinating collection of toys from the past 100 years. Some of the awesome things I remember seeing are Colorforms, Globie from Pee Wee’s Playhouse, and a whole bunch of sweet wood furniture from the 60’s.
I also love beaches—but who doesn’t?
What I don’t like: camping, unless I’m doing it as part of a distance bike ride, and shopping.

Which person sticks in your memory the most of who you have met on your travels?
There have been a lot of them, but here’s a recent one. Last winter, I was at a Dunkin Donuts having a coffee and two chocolate frosted donuts before heading to the airport. I was sitting at a counter near the window, watching people trudge through the deep, wet snow. Everyone who passed the window was bundled up in scarves, hats, gloves and wearing boots. Everyone except one guy who was wearing
boots, bulky grey sweats, and a sleeveless t-shirt. No hat. No coat. He was walking a dog, a boxer I think. He stopped in front of the Dunkin Donuts, right next to a bike rack that was mostly buried in the snow. Then he padlocked his dog to the bike rack. I’d never seen someone padlock their dog to a bike rack before and thought it was really interesting.

At what point did you decide that travelling was the answer to meeting people and finding story ideas?
I was working on a story set in the Florida Everglades and needed inspiration. At first, my plan to go visit the Everglades was a joke, but I found a cheap flight and a great place to stay. The place is called ‘Tween Waters Inn, in case you ever need to an awesome place to relax on the beach. Once I got to Florida, I bought a guidebook to Everglades National Park. I used the book to take myself on a tour. I drew plants, birds, made maps of the places I went to. Pretty nerdy stuff, really.  But it worked. The experience really brought the story to life and I’ve used travelling as a source of inspiration ever since then. 

The books in the Invitations series have been compared to EL James and Sylvia Day, so how does this make you feel?
Awesome! Writing books that readers love is my goal. Sylvia Day has written many books, but she consistently produces original stories. That variety is probably just one of the reasons readers adore her work.  EL James, well, wow…period.

Why did you decide to set the series  in Washington DC?
DC is sexy and exciting, filled with intrigue and buzzing with possibilities. Because it is the capital, there is always something exciting going on. The city is also has a touch of Southern charm. And lastly, setting my stories there gives me a reason to go back and do research.

What is your writing process?
I write a rough outline and then get started on the first draft. I’ve recently started writing some scenes of the story out of order. For example, I’ve written the end and the middle of one of the ones I’m working on now. I’ll write the beginning next. I’m finding doing the writing this way gives me the chance to capture the scene that is most vivid in my mind at the moment I’m writing.

Which writers do you most like to read?
Of course I read a lot of romance, way too many go-to romance authors to name. I’ve just finished Star Island by Carl Hiaasen. On the top of my to-be-read stack is An Artist of the Floating World by Kazuo Ishiguro.

What is next for you? 
Travel. Going wine tasting in Northern Michigan this weekend and then a road trip to Savannah,
Georgia in August. I might squeeze in a trip to Chicago for a baseball game. I’ll take my laptop, for sure. 
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Friday, August 15, 2014

Kiss Of The Damned (2013): Bad girls of the night

First off, must admit that I love the wicked, bad ass female characters. Sexy, powerful  and unapologetic. If you like aggressive, evil women vampires who seek out hot, dark sex, you may want to check this one out. As long as you aren't hoping to be surprised by a twisting, turning plot and the not-quite-so-well-done accents of the vampires don't bother you, you'll be happy.

Keep in mind, the movie poster and trailer makes it clear, this film is influenced by the swank of the 60's and 70's. Huge hint: the purple font for the title and credits. Hello. If that doesn't tell you what's up...

Be ready for a touch of camp. It seems to me, Kiss of the Damned, is equal parts silly (note, the music) and serious (willingness to just go for it). Much like Jean Rollin, a master of lighting and imagery, the director of Damned uses the screen shots to full advantage. Yet be prepared for a couple over the top moments--like the fights between the sisters--and some slow spots--like when nothing is actually happening. But shoot, nothing happening for a minute or two is no big deal. Be patient, viewer.

A couple reviews I read were concerned about the teen market watching the violent sex. Apparently these reviewers have not seen The Vampire Diaries, a series where the males regularly throw the females around. Here its the males who are getting the rough treatment and for the most part they aren't complaining.

The trailer below will give you a little idea what you're in for but if you're intrigued I say just open a bottle of wine and go for it. If anyone tries to tell you watching Kiss of the Damned isn't a good time, they probably don't know or like the genre and had no business watching it in the first place.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Cuckolding 101, What Don't You Know?

With the release of The Pink Bow, the first in my Cuckold Beach series, I'm discovering that the cuckolding lifestyle is pretty controversial. How do I know this? I get a lot of weird looks when I describe my stories and series concept. I've had a couple people get defensive and tell me they'd never do it. That's cool if that lifestyle isn't right for them. 
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But after several instances of having people feel the need to explain why they wouldn't want to be involved in a cuckold marriage, I started wondering why the need to explain? I've never had anyone feel the need to explain why they wouldn't want to have sex with a zombie, pirate ghost, random cowboy, or any of the other many scenarios I've written. 

Cuckold culture challenges the mainstream notion that women don’t need sex. It also challenges the common belief that women, unlike men, can’t enjoy sex for sex’s sake. That is, women can’t get physical pleasure from sex in a non-committed relationship. Anything that goes against mainstream culture interests me 

Here are a couple things people are surprised to learn about cuckolding:
  • Typically, the husband is aware of the wife’s “cheating” and often arranges, or participates in arranging, the lover. He may also be in control of what happens, including frequency and number of partners.
  • A “cuckold husband” may take pride in his wife’s sexuality and in his ability to manage his “hotwife.”
  • Wearing an ankle bracelet on the right ankle indicates that a woman is a hotwife.

Why do people do it?
  • Cuckold husbands are aroused by the idea of, or by actually witnessing, his wife having sex with another man. One theory that seeks to explain this proposes the idea that men are motivated by competition and the cuckold husband, knowing that he is in competition with another man to sexually satisfy his wife, feels an intensified his passion for her.
  • Hotwives are sexually empowered and, if new to the scene, often experience a sexual reawakening. One biologically-oriented theory states because women, unlike men, experience orgasm in a variety of ways women need variation to be truly satisfied physically. Due to this variation in ways of arousal and satisfaction, women naturally prefer multiple partners who will be able to satisfy them in multiple ways.


This post is adapted from one I did for the awesome blog Lady Smut. If you haven't already checked them out, zip on over at do so!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Cuckold Beach series #1 The Pink Bow

The Pink Bow ~ #1 in the Cuckold Beach series, coming out June 6

Abby is a very naughty girl. Hornier than your average housewife. And she’s certain she’s done a good job of hiding it from Troy. But like any dutiful husband, not only has Troy noticed the intensity of Abby’s sex drive—he plans to exploit it.

In a luxurious house on the beach, where couples gather to privately enjoy a taste of sexual freedom, Abby’s about to experience the hottest gift a husband can give.
About the Cuckold Beach series:

On a sizzling stretch of California beach, devoted husbands are dedicated to satisfying their wives' deepest desires. They'll do whatever it takes to bring intimacy and ecstasy to the women they love...even if it means giving their wives to other men...while they watch.Wicked Pink ~ #2 will be out later this year.

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