Thursday, February 2, 2017

What to do about Valentine’s Day?

Who truly loves Valentine’s Day? Who wakes up on February 14, sure that the entire day will be wonderful, romantic, and filled with happiness?

Not most of us. There are too many pit falls. Too many possibilities to feel emotions other than pure bliss. Like what, you ask?

Non-bliss emotions caused by gifts:
·        Disillusionment: No gift from your SO. (SO = significant other).
·        Irritation: Wrong gift from your SO. You clearly said you wanted sparkly jewelry. Not an itchy brown turtleneck sweater.
·        Exasperation: Last minute gift from your SO. The orange price tag from gas station ruins the moment.
·        Unworthiness: Much, much too nice gift from your SO. You expected a bag of Hersey Kisses and got a new BMW. Now what?
·        Puzzlement: Unidentified gift. You have two or more possible gifters. Who to thank?

Non-bliss emotions caused by your “status”:
·        Irritation: Not so subtle, prying questions from your well-meaning relatives who are older, wiser, and concerned about your ‘painful’ single status.
·        Annoyance: Not so subtle, prying questions from your well-meaning friends who are in new, sparkling, fresh relationships full of excitement and romance who are concerned about your boring, been-together-forever, couple status.

Non-bliss emotions by sex:
·        Ecstasy: Okay. This one isn’t a problem. But it is a possibility and so must be included here.
·        Weariness: After all that pressure about the gifts, your status, and where to eat and what-not, your just too wiped out for those extra steps to make it wild enough to lead to ecstasy.
·        Bewilderment: After a bottle and half of wine, your SO suddenly decides to try __________ (< insert anything you never talked about or even considered). You have no idea where to start and so spend all your energy trying to figure out what to do instead of relaxing and getting to the ecstasy.

See what I mean? It’s a wonder any of us make it through the day at all.

Because I like to leave people with a little something more, I’ll offer a link to this quiz, How Sexually Adventurous AreYou? It won’t help you avoid the above emotions, but it might make you laugh. And hell, if you ask me, laughter is an absolute necessity on Valentines Day.

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