Monday, August 29, 2016

Pink Lace excerpt: story out now!

Pink Lace excerpt:

Kelly’s blood turned warm and that jumpiness started to pool in her center. Not from fear, but from that internal heat starting to gather in her core and pulse downward, settling deep inside her.

He can’t be serious.

“Have you met my husband, Edward?” she asked.

The man’s brown eyes were steady. “No, I haven’t. But he’s watching us now.”

Kelly’s gaze hopped from one security camera to the next. The green lights on top of each glowed softly.

“That’s why the cameras were installed. So he could watch.”

Her heart started to thump and she a lump formed in her throat. “I don’t believe you,” she said, finally finding her voice.

The man folded his arms across his chest. “Send him a text.”

Kelly pulled her cell from her pocket. A text from Edward, sent two minutes ago, displayed on the screen. I love you.

She wrote back. Can you see me? Him?

The reply was quick. Yes.

She stared at the screen, trying to think of what else to ask. Even though she had many questions, she asked only the most obvious. You set this up?

This time the reply took longer. Finally the screen blinked. Yes.

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