Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Unfinished Business from the bestselling What's Her Secret series

Hayley, the main character, has left her small hometown and started a new life for herself in the city of Detroit, Michigan. She wants to hide everything about her country past and reinvent herself as a hip city woman. Problem is, she doesn’t really know who is she. Back home, she always did what her family and friends thought she should do, rather than what she wanted to do. So, when she arrives in the city, she doesn’t have much of an idea of who she really is or what she really wants.
The perfect man for her? Nick. A country guy who sees through her city pretenses and encourages
her to be herself. His insistence that she accept who she is creates conflict for two reasons. One, the only things she knows about herself, her country past and her part in the scandal, she doesn’t like and two, she doesn’t know how to start in figuring out who she really is.

Hayley’s struggle to accept her past and discover her new self is at the heart of the story. Using Nick as part of the conflict gave me the chance to make sure there is plenty of yummy sex and a satisfying romance. No, getting to the happy ending isn’t easy but who says easy is good?

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