Saturday, January 24, 2015

Sex and the small town scandal...

Sound good? Get your copy.
Sizzling sex, humor, relatable characters and heart wrenching conflicts, Unfinished Business, my recent novel, has all of these.  Add in a devastating small town scandal and the woman who wants to hide it and you have the latest book in Totally Bound’s bestselling What’s Her Secret line.

From an author’s perspective, the fun challenge of writing a book centered around a secret is, obviously, coming up with a secret. The trick is the secret must be compelling and tension building but also something understandable and relatable. To achieve that satisfying balance in my story, I created the character, gave her a goal and then used her motivation to dig around in her past to uncover her secret. I say uncover because I didn’t know what her secret was until I got to know her first.

At the start of the story, Hayley, the main character, wants to reinvent herself. She’s left her small, country hometown and moved to the city to a fresh start. She has a new job and new friends who know very little about her past.  At the heart of her desire to reinvent herself is a search for her own identity. As a member of a small community, she had been surrounded by people who knew most everything about her. They influenced her in ways she didn’t realize. It was only after she moved to the city, away from everyone and everything she’d ever known, that she understood how much she’d been influenced by their values and lifestyle. Once she’s on her own, the freedom to become who she wants is both thrilling and intimidating.  As she struggles to find herself, she does a couple crazy things. Lucky for her, Nick, her guy friend, is looking out for her.

Better still, Nick is that sweet, sexy guy-next-door type who know when to be gentle and encouraging and when to be tough and demanding.

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