Saturday, December 28, 2013

10 Best things to do when you visit a new city

This list was first featured in the UK' s awesome online celebrity magazine, Female First. If you haven't already checked it out, after reading this, head straight over. 

1. Use social media before you leave. You might be surprised to find a friend who lives there or will be visiting at the same time.

2. Find the used and rare books bookstore. Supporting independent booksellers.

3. Visit historical sites. Learn!

4. Ask the locals where to get the best lunch. Best food, best price.

5. Take that lunch to a local park. People watching is always the best entertainment.

6. Takes snaps of random things. You’ll best surprised how fun they are to show friends.

7. Hunt down resale shops. Better than a tourist shops, you’ll get unique items that reflect the city.

8. Check the newspaper for free festivals or concerts.

9. Check the library for events. A great way to meet authors and hear them read.

10. Check museums for films. Many museums run film festivals featuring the best in foreign films.

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