Saturday, October 5, 2013

Romanticon 2013, Don't Miss the Naughty Confessions Party!

If you're coming to Ellora's Cave Romanticon, you won't want to miss Naughty Confessions, Friday, October 11 from 4-4:50.

You can be sure that Cheryl Dragon, Karla Doyle, A.S. Fenichel and I will show you a good time!

Want to know what you're in for?

Secrets revealed and confessions told in this interactive tell-all game with lots of prizes and give-aways.

Like to be dominated? Even participated in a mĂ©nage? Are you a proud member of the Mile High Club? Better get over that shyness and check your inhibitions at the door, because nothing is too wild and crazy for this crowd! The naughty confessions game is played through a series of yes or no questions crafted to reveal sexy secrets. We’ll do several rounds until we uncover the sweetest angels and the naughtiest devils. EC authors play along.

Come find out if you’re naughtier than an EC author, and perhaps win a sparkly tiara (you innocent thing, you) or a silky pair of devil horns (rrrrowrr!).

Naughty Confessions is all about audience participation, prizes, and give-aways, so come prepared to have a great time.

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