Tuesday, July 9, 2013

DH Lawrence's The Fox, covers

For film adaptation tie-in, Bantam, 1967


Hesperus Classics,  2003

Three covers, one story--DH Lawrence's The Fox.
  • The Bantam version reflects my own interpretation of the story. The plot centers around the Nellie March; its her story. This image captures the sense that the events sweep her in and she finds little power within herself to redirect her life. 
  • The simplicity of the Hesperus edition is intriguing, and I'd be very interested to read the forward written by Doris Lessing, a fairly traditional choice for that task.
  • The Total-E-Bound edition captures the rustic beauty of the story as well as the triangular relationship struggle. I could say, love triangle, however as a gothic, I see the motivating emotion as more of an obsession rather than love.
Total-E-Bound Clandestine Classic, 2013

For an analysis on book covers, do check out this fairly adorable clip from German soccer fan, David Delgadillo.

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