Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sexapalooza, Columbus, Ohio

Piper Trace and me

Last Friday I spent the evening in Columbus, Ohio, at the Sexapalooza show. The show featured booths of venders, fashion shows, pole dancers, and a couple bars. The lighting was dim and "moody" as you can see from the picture of Piper and me.

I arrived at about 7 pm. My first decision, try one of the custom Sexapalooza Martinis. It came in a fun, line green martini glass, but I asked for mine in a plain plastic cup. Ever try to walk around a trade show holding a full martini glass? I have. Don't try it.

There was a pretty good variety of venders. I was disappointed that there wasn't a wig vendor. Wigs are sexy and fun, so why not?

With Marchae Grair
The EC booth was right across from the stage, so we had a great view of the stage. First up was a fashion show, then burlesque dancers. After the professional dancers, show attendees were invited to come up--my favorite part! The three women who snatched up the opportunity to dance in front of the Sexapalooza crowd were awesome. Very sexy and fun. I loved it.

While the show was going on, we had a constant stream of people coming by. At first I was signing with Jane Rylon and then Piper Trace. After the signing, I had a blast chatting with Marchae Grair. We were sitting inside the EC bus, laughing each time someone popped in. Apparently, sitting in the front seats of the bus, talking in the dark, isn't something people do often enough because every person who opened the door stepped back, made a surprised face, then apologized for coming in. After about the fifth time, it was pretty funny. After a quick pic outside the bus, I headed home.

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