Saturday, February 16, 2013

RomantiCon 2013, October 10-13

Greetings from Marchae Grair of Ellora's Cave!

Have you ever wanted to dance the night away with a romance cover model? Have you ever wanted an inside glimpse at the tips and tricks that lead to bestselling romance books? Did you ever want an excuse to play adult dress up with 300 of your closest and newest friends?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, it’s time to register for RomantiCon, the Ellora’s Cave official celebration and conference for EC authors, fans, and of course, the sexy Ellora’s Cavemen, the models who grace our book covers and paint our fantasies.

The stage is set for this year’s RomantiCon, and it promises to be better than ever!

RomantiCon is well-known for its sexy reputation, but most attendees agree the sexiest part is spending long days and nights with the Ellora’s Cavemen. They will make you sweat in their exercise classes, sweat some more during a fantasy photo shoot, and make you sweat even harder on the
dance floor!

Attendees love to wear their most creative costumes to our trademark themed parties, which promise to leave you full of good food, entertained with awesome dances from the EC Cavemen, and refreshed from cutting your own rug in two nights of dancing to your favorite music. This year’s trips to “New Bollywood” one night and “Old Hollywood” the next turn guests into flappers and glamorous movie stars!

There will be plenty of fun and informative sessions with EC staff and authors who share their expertise in everything from fetishes to writing a bestselling book. Do you have a favorite Cave Chaos personality or a favorite writer who you've followed for years? Join them in person for conversation, drinks, and dynamic parties!

Best of all, you’ll get to do all of this partying and mingling without leaving your hotel once. The conference, sessions, and parties take place in the McKinley Grand Hotel in downtown Canton, Ohio. Past attendees loved the friendly staff and didn't mind the short walk to their rooms after a few cocktails and dancing the night away.

Many authors, fans, and staff meet lifelong friends at the conference so don’t let a new conference with new people scare you!

“I knew RomantiCon would be fun, but I didn't expect to walk away with so many new friends,” author Sidney Bristol said. “I can’t imagine how I've lived without them.”

Now, all you have to do is register. Registration information and the link to the hotel is on our RomantiCon website,, and you can find a direct link to registration at

The event takes place Oct. 10-13,but the rooms and registration fill up quickly, so jump on your chance at the time of your life!

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