Saturday, January 5, 2013

Pin Me Practical

Who knew pin-up girl art had a practical application?

I'd seen pin-up girls on the noses of WWI and WWII aircraft but didn't know they had an official term when placed there: nose art. Nose art on planes started for practical reasons, identifying friendlies (but geez, think how close you had to be to see it??), but evolved to reflect the personality of the pilot and to remind soldiers of home--and the pretty girls waiting there, apparently. The art was done by both professional artists and talented civilians. A bit of searching around on the internet convinced me there is wide variety in the quality of the pin-up girl art on the planes, but I can see how it would boost morale, which I guess was the point. Who wouldn't be inspired by a cutie pie in heels?

Love the pin-up look too? Try this link for a fun make-up how-to video.


Amanda P said...

I LOVE pin up girl art! I have a wall in my closet with pin up girl pop art! =)

-Amanda P

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Isabelle Drake said...

I know! It's the best. Next time a conference is looking for a theme they should do pin-up style.