Wednesday, December 19, 2012

4 1/2 Stars for Now or Never from LASR

Thistledown from Long and Short Reviews, had this to say about Now or Never, Book #1 in the Invitations Series:

It doesn’t have to be Halloween to go to a costume party looking for some fun.

When Emily heads to a costume party dolled up like a barely clad harem girl with a mask, intent to seduce Randall Kentworth, she takes no prisoners. Working her way past the sexy bouncer at the door by working her wiles, she finds herself zeroing in on the man of her dreams.

Daniel is wearing Randall’s costume and is in Emily’s sites from the get go. The erotic dance that comes next will have you blazing finger trails on your e-reader and writing down this author’s name for future amazing stories. The lusty romp through the woods and the surprises that await the eager lovers are worth waiting for.

There wasn’t a thing about the book that I didn’t like except maybe a little spanking here or there as a party favor would have been fun. This book leaned more toward general erotica but it did have some light BDSM overtones. The dialog was good, the action moved you along fast and the sexual tension was delicious.

If you want a costume party story that will curl your toes and have you running for some ice water, then check out Now or Never by Isabelle Drake.

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