Monday, July 30, 2012

Looking for zombies on Boston's Commonwealth Ave.

Brownstones on Commonwealth Ave.
After looking for zombies in the Boston Public Library, my friend Susan L. and I headed over to Commonwealth Ave where Hayden, the main character in my Undead books from Ellora's Cave, stays. He lives in a borrowed apartment in one of the awesome brownstones that are on both sides of the boulevard that runs down the center of Commonwealth.


  It was fun imagining Mattie trailing Hayden through the snowstorm, even though as you can see, it was a sunny 80' the day we went out looking for the two of them.

Bell tower of The First Baptist Church
One building I found that is likely to make its way into a future story is The First Baptist Church. It has a wonderful bell tower covered with ivy. The open windows near the top are inspiring. I can see Mattie perched up there in a snow storm, all covered in ice, her white fingers gripping the ledge. Love it.

Yep, these alleys have street signs

After walking up and down that section of the street enough times to bring attention to myself Susan and I circled back toward the library. And then we saw the back alley complete with street sign. A street sign for an alley? Why not, I guess.

I stood there staring at the alley long enough to yet again draw too much attention to myself. But really, how often do you get to see the places where your characters live and hide from sex-starved zombies? Not often enough, that's for sure. 

Back alley of a Commonwealth Ave brownstone

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