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Logan Belle's Blue Angel series

Welcome back guest blogger Logan Belle.

Logan Belle is a New York City writer whose boyfriend took her to her first burlesque show on her birthday three years ago. She loved the show so much she was inspired to write a series of erotic novels set in the world of burlesque. Blue Angel is the first of the trilogy. Her next erotic romance is inspired by Bettie Page and is called The Librarian. It will be published by Simon & Schuster this November.

Here's a taste of Blue Angel.

About Blue Angel

The Blue Angel erotic romance series is about an ordinary woman named Mallory who, at her first ever burlesque show, is pulled out of the audience onto the stage. Mallory’s life changes overnight: Exploring burlesque awakens her true erotic nature, but threatens the stability of her long-term relationship with her boyfriend, Alec. Will she have to choose between her new-found passion and true love?

Excerpt from Chapter One -
During the entire cab ride he kept telling her, it’s a surprise.

“I don’t like surprises,” Mallory said, following him into the dark, barely marked building off of Bowery.

“It’s your birthday! What’s a birthday without a surprise?” He winked at her, and she couldn’t resist smiling back. That was the thing about Alec: no matter how much he aggravated her, she loved him too much to stay angry.

And why should she be in a bad mood? They’d finally moved in together after three years of dating long distance while she finished law school. She had a good job at mid-size firm.  And yes, it was her birthday – the big twenty-five – and Alec was taking her out for a night on the town, in her new city, just the two of them. 

Except…the dark location did not seem to be a romantic restaurant.

A woman with a clipboard greeted them inside the door. She had a butterfly tattoo on her neck and a perfect face. Behind her, a blue velvet curtain prevented Mallory from seeing into the room.

“Alec Martin and Mallory Dale. We’re on the list,” Alec said, taking Mallory’s hand.

Inside, Mallory saw that the venue was a bar of some sort, with a seating area and a stage and…dwarves. 

Two that she counted. And a topless woman wearing a garter belt, black seamed stockings and red patent stilettos. And a man dressed for a rodeo carrying a bullwhip.

“What the hell is this?” Mallory asked.

“It’s The Blue Angel. A burlesque club,” Alec said, smiling like he just presented her with a diamond.
Burlesque – the topic of the article Alec was writing for Gruff, the lad lite, pop culture magazine he worked for. And his latest excuse for constantly ogling other women.

“We’re spending my birthday doing research for your article?”

He steered her to the table closest to the stage. The room was packed, but the table had a reserved card on it. Now she knew the evening was a Gruff magazine gig. The owner of Gruff was a rich kid named Billy Barton. Alec met Bill thanks to the long tentacles of the Penn alumni network. And unlike Alec and most of their friends who had only been in New York a few years, Billy could open any door, pull any string, and reserve any table.

“No,” he said. “We’re doing something fun and interesting on your birthday that I happen to be writing about but that I know you will enjoy. Wait here – I’m going to get our drinks.”

And he was off to the bar before she could protest.

She wished she had worn something different. Her long, houndstooth Anne Taylor skirt suddenly seemed overly prim. There was a lot of leg showing in the room – bare legs, garter-belted legs, legs in fishnets and heels. At least she was wearing a simple black turtleneck, so the overall effect wasn’t too dressed.

In the corner at the far end of the room, two women were laughing and talking to the guy in the western get-up. The one in the faux leopard coat was the first person Mallory had noticed in the room. How could she not? Aside from being model gorgeous, she had an ultra-stylized look, with dramatically pale skin, full red lips, and straight black hair cut in a fabulous, razor-sharp bob.  As if sensing Mallory’s stare, the woman turned and looked at her with sharp blue eyes. Startled, Mallory quickly looked away. But when she glanced back, the woman was still watching her, as if expecting that her gaze would return. Their eyes locked, and 
Mallory’s stomach did the oddest little flip.

“Hey,” Alec said, sitting next to her and sliding over a bottle of Stella Artois. “You’re not mad, are you?”

Mallory accepted the beer, trying to resist the urge to look back at the beautiful brunette.

“What? Oh, I don’t know. A little. Come on, Alec.  Admit it --  you’re just killing two birds with one stone: you want to do research but it’s my birthday and we’re going out so this is what you chose to do. It has nothing to do with how I’d actually want to celebrate.”

She hated the way she sounded, but she was worried. It wasn’t just about her birthday – it was about them. She didn’t want to admit it, but their relationship didn’t feel right since she moved to Manhattan six months ago. Alec was consumed with the cutthroat world of New York media. She was working crazy hours at the law firm and studying to re-take the bar exam. And lately, he kept bringing up the idea of them hooking up with another girl – with having a threeway. At first when he brought it up, she thought he was just being provocative. But she finally realized he was completely serious. She didn’t quite know what to make of this, so she mentally filed it under Things I Can’t Deal With Right Now.  

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