Monday, April 30, 2012

Vampyros Lesbos (1971): Cult classic for a reason

The title of the 1970 cult classic, even though it isn't in English, pretty much says it all.

Want a bit more? Here's what it says on the back of my Netflix envelope.

In a sultry Istanbul nightclub, a beautiful woman dances while another woman in the audience recognizes the dancer as the figure that's been appearing to her in her dreams. Later, she's lured into an irresistible world of lesbian sex and vampirism. Dreamlike and backed by a sensational  score that Jesus Franco's cult horror film is highly stylized erotica for the smart set.

The trailer and these pictures makes the film appear much more exciting and complicated than it actually is. Good news: you do not have to pay attention to the plot to get the most out of this one. My suggestion? Invite over a bunch of friends and drink as much wine as you like.

Don't worry if the subtitles get blurry. You won't miss any key plot points, and you'll have fun with the visuals. That's pretty much all there is. And the visuals are pretty okay. Unless you are a fan of mid-century modern furnishing, then you'll love it. The apartments are swanky and beyond cool.

If you have Netflix, you can order it on disc. Otherwise, you can buy it used on Amazon for about $15--worth it if you split the cost with that group you're going to watch it with.

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