Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lips of Blood (1975): Vampiric Disappointment

Imagine my excitement when I sat down to watch another Jean Rollin vampire movie: Lips of Blood (1975). It's Friday night: I poured my red wine and filled my candy dish with dark chocolate M&M's. After the visual fun of Rollin's The Nude Vampire, I had high expectations.

In one of the first scenes, some thirty-year old guy is at a party. I'm okay with that. What I'm not okay with is him leaving the cutie pie he's talking with to pour his mother a glass of wine. I get that the movie is French, but still. Seriously, I don't care about some guy's mom. I want hot vampires and cool lighting. You know, like in Rollin's 1960's films.

I did watch the whole thing. There were a couple fun scenes, the twins from the earlier movies show up. This morning, I wondered if it was just me. Was I jaded? Too picky? I checked around and found a reviewer who also thought this film was lackluster compared to his earlier ones. It really didn't have the surreal creepiness or the weird sexiness.

If you're curious about Lips of Blood, I suggest you watch the trailer. While it does spoil the surprise of what happens to the twins, you'll get to see that kill joy mom who shows up every once in a while to ruin everything. (Trailer is 18+ only so, FYI)

If you're in the mood for some surreal, weirdly sexy French vampires, I suggest watching Rollin's The Nude Vampire instead. If you have Netflix, you can find it in the instant selections. If not, you can get it on Amazon's 7-day rental for 1.99 .

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