Friday, January 6, 2012

Better ending for the movie Young Adult

By the time I reached my car after seeing Young Adult, I had rewritten the end. My new improved ending is so clear in my mind, that I can barely remember the actual ending.

Spoiler Alert: If you haven't seen the movie and plan to and don't want it ruined for you, don't read this whole post. Just read the two next sentences.

It is not a fun movie to go see with your best friends and expect to leave laughing. It ...well written (at least the new improved version in my head) with good acting, but it is not fun.

I wasn't expecting depressing, so I was caught off guard. It really isn't fair of marketing people to market a movie as one thing when it is actually another. There just isn't enough in the trailer or ads to really capture exactly what the audience gets. The trailer sells it (the new improved version) short.

To experience the new improved ending to do the following.
  • Watch movie as is until the scene when Mavis is in bed, waking up for the second time with a guy's arms across her chest. (echo)
Cut the rest of movie. Replace with the following scenes:
  • Mavis leaves the guy's house.
  • Goes back to hotel. Takes her dog for a walk. (character growth)
  • Gets in her car. Drives to the end of the parking lot and stops. Gets a plot idea and stops to write it down. Woman behind her honks. Mavis flips her off and mutters about small town bitches, continues writing until she is done. (hope for her improvement, yet don't over-do the character growth)
  • Mavis merges onto the freeway. She hits play on the tape player. It's the same song she listened to on the way home. She pops the tape out the throws it out the window. (again, shows hope but don't want to over-do the character growth)

What's up with me wanting character growth? If she's the same person in the end that she is in the beginning, I'm going to have trouble figuring out why I just spent two hours with her.

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