Monday, March 28, 2011

Zombies! a new free read at Ellora's Cave

The inspiration for this story came last winter at a writer's workshop. The assignment was to read a tabloid newspaper, like the National Enquirer or the Weekly World News, and use one of the articles as an inspiration for a scene. I think the goal was to loosen us, the writers up, and get us to think outside our usual pages.

I'd been thinking about writing a zombie story for a while, so I was instantly enthused when I saw a couple articles about zombies. One in particular caught my eye: How to prepare for a zombie attack during the holidays. There was even a video. Then there was the zombie Barbie. Were girls all around the globe being encouraged to turn themselves into flesh eating undead? Awesome. Around this time, Boston and New York were hit with a couple huge snow storms. That was pretty much all I needed to get started.

How did it turn out?

Check out the dedication: To Mrs. Pine’s people with special thanks to RK and his Eclectic Eight. That's my shout out to RK for getting me going and everyone else who encouraged me.

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