Tuesday, May 18, 2010

RT 2010 Report Part 1

Pretty much everything about this year's RT Booklovers Convention was a surprise. First off, I hadn't planned on going, but thanks to a last minute twist of fate I found myself on the registration list and off shopping for a red dress for the EC party on Wed. That was exciting and fun, but I didn't find a dress. My sister did though, while she was shopping for a dress for her daughter's graduation, so that was great.

Because I live in Michigan and RT was in Columbus I drove. My mom came with me; she's also a writer and always happy to go to a different city and see what's going on there. We followed a google map--which is always a bit iffy--and found ourselves weaving through a really weird place outside of Columbus. The sights were interesting (lots of confusing streets and oddly placed stores) but the roads were in really bad condition. I dodged the pot holes as best as I could but eventually one got the best of us and bamm! Flat tire.

I pulled over in the first "best" spot. It turned out to be a Pontifical College. It was very quiet. Peaceful. But not the kind of place where some people are going to zip out to help. So we called AAA. While we were waiting for AAA I put on my eyelashes. My mom napped the free wii-fii. We tidied up the car. Looked at conference stuff. You know, got things done. Eventually the AAA guy came and changed the tire. He said, "Lots of people have this happen." Good news for the tire stores in the area; bad news for us. We had to by a new tire.

We did eventually get to the convention. That was great, of course. No so great--because I'd been a late add there was no name tag for me. I went back to the "problem" table a couple times, but the printer was being moody, so no name tag for me. I was okay with that, except it meant I couldn't get in to the goody room to get some free books. I did get there the next day, but I had to wait. Waiting stinks. Another thing that stinks--not having a name tag at a party that requires one to get in.

I managed to "sneak" in to the EC party through a side door. I had a beer, chatted with friends. Did the introduction thing...but eventually I had to go to the bathroom. So I went. But when I tried to get back in the woman at the door asked me where my name tag was. I tired to condense my whole - the machine wasn't printing and I was a late add - story but it wasn't easy. Especially with the loud music and all the craziness. I guess she didn't believe me, which is probably pretty reasonable given the silliness of my "explanation" so she went to get one of the people who'd been helping with the registration table. She brought him over and told him what I'd said. He looked at me, his face letting me know he did not recognize me. Problem: earlier that day I'd been sporting my own hair. Right then I was wearing a very long, curly black wig. He didn't recognize me. So yeah, I had to explain the wig. After explaining the whole machine wasn't working bit. It's funny now, but right then I was starting to feel a *bit* crazy.

That was day 1.

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