Wednesday, May 19, 2010

RT 2010 Report Part 2

Okay, I exaggerated. RT wasn't all surprises. Thursday there was only one surprise.

Except that the EC lunch location was moved, then moved again. Lucky for me I ran into some other people on their way there, so I just ducked in. The lunch was wonderful and EC gave us all gorgeous fleece blankets with the EC logo. Very nice.

After the lunch I sent to a couple talks about graphic novels. Very interesting. I'm intrigued by them but haven't done much more than think "hmmm...interesting." After those talks, I went to the agent/editor panels. Most of that was the usual stuff. One thing that did stand out to me was the intense interest in Steam Punk. Message: If you have a steam punk story tucked in a file somewhere GET IT OUT there. Seems like pretty much all the editors are interested.

RT ended for me on Thursday as I received the final surprise. Bronchitis. Yuck. And so not fair. My mom, who is awesome, drove me home and put me to bed.

RT in LA next year will be better. !

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