Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Two Lips Reviews Hard Fall

Liam Derby sat in a sports bar in a ridiculous flowered western shirt, a black cowboy hat atop his head and new cowboy boots. He could have cared less that the Red Sox were losing as he just wanted his brother to show up and free him from the bet that they had made. Liam was a sour loser and felt that his brother had intentionally gotten the most girly shirt he could find. What the heck do cowboys do with pearl buttons, anyway? His brother calls off the bet, but before Liam can stand up to go, a woman enters, capturing every male eye in the bar.

Brooke Miller is an artist. Her dream is to have a gallery of her own to exhibit the work of other artists, and her own work one day when the time is right. Her ex-boyfriend had recently dumped her for a woman who would take him to the top…he claimed. Brooke was still reeling from his comments, which had cut her deeply. Brooke was in a self-help program and this was the week to do something totally spontaneous and risky. Going to a bar to pick up a man for a one-night stand was about as risky as she could get, as well as being totally out of character. When she walked into a sports bar in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and locked eyes with a cowboy, her knees went weak.

Isabelle Drake blends the perfect story, geared to a lost bet and a self-help program. Liam is the owner of a construction company, and built the building where Brooke is leasing space. Brooke thinks, though, that Liam is an out-of-town cowboy, and he lets her keep thinking it. Once they make love, Liam knows Brooke is a keeper, and not at all like his ex. All he knows is Brooke's first name, that she is an artist, and afterwards, that he was a fool ever to let her go! Hard Fall is an erotic story that will have readers panting…while craving more and more.

Reviewer: Alisha

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