Thursday, August 14, 2008

San Francisco ~ Victoria's & Vibrators

Thursday I was up at 7am to drink Starbucks, eat yummy pastries and attend The Official Conference Kickoff. After that I did some meetings, then went and collected some books and fun promo stuff from the goodie room. By 12:30 I needed to get out of the hotel (I know, already?) so when a couple friends asked if I wanted to walk down to the Pier for lunch you know what I said.

We walked down Market Street all the way to the end, then went along the water until we got to Pier 39 (or is it 29?). Whichever it was, it was jam! packed! with people from everywhere. If you’ve never been there, but you have been to Disney, the Pier pretty much looks like that. The shops are small, filled with souvenirs, and everything is colorful and carefully put-together. So carefully, that it looks fake. Like Disney. It’s still a fun place though, just don’t try to get anywhere in a hurry. Anyway, while we were there we did the usual touristy stuff, like look at the seals, buy over-priced cameras to take pictures of Alcatraz and complain because the fog was covering up the Golden Gate Bridge. If you look at my pic with great enthusiasm, you can sort of see the bridge.

After all that, we wandered on the Fisherman’s Wharf to find a restaurant with outside, bay view seating. That’s harder than it sounds. Anyway, while drinking beer and eating shrimp I discovered that none of the three other women I was with had ever worn a thong! To me, this was a wrong that had to be righted. ASAP. After our round, we took the trolley to the Union Square Victoria’s Secret and resolved the situation. Thank goodness.

After a celebratory round a beers at an Irish Pub we came across, we headed back to the hotel for dinner. After dinner I zipped off to the Passionate Ink (RWAs erotic romance chapter) party.

Cheers to Harlequin SPICE’s Susan Swinwood who had the challenge of speaking to a group of women who had just been given free drink tickets and door prize gift pack packs that contained vibrators. Despite those possible distracters, she gave us an update on Harlequin’s erotic line. Bottom line seems to me, the stories do not have to be romances/ do not have to have a happily-ever-ending. Also, according to my understanding, all expressions of eroticism are welcome (with the exception of the usual taboos). [Send me a note if you’d like more info].

After the party, there was more running around, chatting in the hallways, and general silliness. Eventually, bedtime.

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