Thursday, June 26, 2008

Gothic in progress...

“I’d nearly given up hope that you would arrive, but I am certainly glad you finally found your way.”

Lorelai shook her head, fighting the lavender haze in her mind and the soft, expectant tension running the length of her spine.

The man’s voice continued, his evident excitement tempered with age. “Yes, certainly glad. It’s been years since we had a luscious one in his bed.” He fell silent then added, “All the girls before—back before—never mind. You are here now, things will be different.”

The world began to present itself more clearly, two twin posts about seven feet beyond her face came into focus.

She blinked, ignoring the voice, staring through the dim light and willing herself to focus.

Bed posts.

Wide dark wooden door, left open.

Fireplace, flames hungrily licking cords of wood.

Soft, sheets beneath her flushed skin, a heavy down comforter pressed against her, caressing her. And the sweet languid sensation running from her spine into her limbs.

“Would you like more tea, dear?”

“Tea?” She voice was soft, husky, warm, like the sweet gentle heat that seemed to be everywhere inside her.

“Yes, you took quite well to the cup you drank upon your arrival.”

The images tumbled in, memories clicking into place. The last one was of herself, covered with snow and chilled from the bitter winter wind, accepting hot tea as she inquired after her friend Katherine.

“What hap—?”

“No need to be upset with yourself. Many girls are skittish when they first arrive; I saw it in your eyes, that’s why I administered the tea.”

Still bleary, she rose up onto her elbows, the cover fell from her shoulders exposing her bare breasts.

“But don’t worry, soon enough Master will have you strutting with your shoulders thrust back, showing off those gorgeous tits and swaying that generous bottom.”

“No, that’s not—” but the words why I came here fell away as she struggled to sit up only to realize that her arms and legs were bound. The bindings were not tight but they were secure. Her legs were spread wide, her hands tied just tight enough that she could not touch her own body.
This is from Gothic Master a work in progress...

Blogger note: This was later publisher as 
Gothic Master by Request in the Flavors of Ecstasy Vol 4 Anthology.

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