Friday, June 6, 2008

BEA LA #3: On the Set

I know its pretty impossible to see this, but trust me when I tell you - this is a taping of the Sarah Conner Chronicles. If you look really, really closely maybe you can see the non-trailor worthy actors waiting under the tree for their next scene.

Do you suppose that water bottle on the front corner is part of the set?

As with the other sets, all the buildings are exterior only the backside is either a completely different looking building or blank cement or metal..

On our way out of the lot we saw another part of the taping, a bunch of fire trucks and ambulances lined up. After the director gave the cue, people started milling around and pretending to talk to each other. Apparently, the sound people but the sounds in later and if the actors make any actual sounds those sounds will get in the way or the added in sounds. Makes sense in a movie making sort of way.


Lisa said...

Awesome and congratulation on your book.

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