Wednesday, June 4, 2008

BEA LA #1: Studio visit

I got off the plane, rented a convertible (yum), and headed--of course--to Hollywood. My plan, see what there was to see there and then go to Warner Brothers Studios and get into one of the studio tours. As someone who loves movies, a studio tour was a must.

The drive started out great, even though I couldn't quite read the map with the wind blowing it around. Got lost. Got found. Got confused. Finally got onto Santa Monica Blvd. in Beverly Hills. It's beautiful, and I had plenty of time to admire the lush gorgeousness while parked in Friday afternoon traffic.

No problem, I turned the music up and crept along. Once I got started again, the thing that struck me was that many things in LA look vagely familiar. From movies, perhaps? But sometimes that is a problem, because you think you know where you are when of course you don't. Funny. Sort of. I finally did get to WB Studios and saw lots of cool stuff.
The orginal costumes from the Matrix movies
Several street sets, including the ones used in the Sarah Connor Chronicles.
The Mac 5 car from the movie Speed Racer.
The Central Perk set from Friends. That's the couch in the right hand corner of the picture.


Lisa said...

Wow good thing you got lost to see all those wonderful things. (G)

Isabelle Drake said...

LOL ! Don't try to read a map with the top down.