Pittsburgh, for the Ann Radcliffe Conference

Last month I presented my academic paper, Three Ties the Victim: The Unique Traumatic Terror of the Child Victim in 'Guilty Mom' Horror, at the Ann Radcliffe Academic Conference in Pittsburgh.  

I'm happy to say, the presentation went well--except for a silly mishap, check out the video above. I had a great time, hearing the other presenters and checking out the Horror Writers Association event for the first time. Curious about my paper? You can read the abstract here. 

I hadn't been to Pittsburgh in a while, so I arrived a day early to take a look around. The thing that surprised me the most was how beautiful the hills and roads were.  Each curve of the road led to another cluster of quaint brick buildings and pretty painted wood homes. I grew up in Cincinnati, so I have a special place in my heart for the long, narrow rows style homes and buildings you often see in hilly and mountainous cities. I did a bit of shopping, bought a little antique pin to commemorate the conference, and went to bed early. Check out this video for a quick recap of my events.


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