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For me, May is the end of the academic year and the start of summer. I usually spend my summer catching up on projects and starting new ones. This summer follows that pattern. My first focus will be assembling the pieces selected for this year's edition of the Washington Square Review, my college's literary journal. As the editor, it’s my task to arrange the selected pieces (stories, essays, and poems) and work with the formatter and cover designer to get the issue all put together. In addition to that work, I recently began hosting episodes of Washington Square On Air, a radio show/podcast on which I interview authors whose work is published in the journal. Its a new role for me, and I've found that I really like asking questions and learning about other authors' writing processes.

My first episode aired a couple weeks ago. I interview an author from California.  Check it out if you like: Washington Square On Air.

Being on the other side of the desk, working as an editor instead of an author, has been interesting and eye opening. I'm learning some things. You can hear about one of them in the video below.


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