how wine solves problems & the new release, book 3 in the Tribe of the Undead series📇

Last spring and over the early part of the summer, I wrote the third book in my Tribe of the Undead series. The task was both exciting and intimidating. I've never written a book 3 before. (!!) I wanted to produce a story that would satisfy readers, of course. The story needed to continue on from the end of book 2, of course. The story needed to be similar in tone and vibe to books 1 and 2 but also different. Some of what I wanted to accomplish with the first 2 books had already been achieved. One of the main character's story had concluded yet the other main character's story had not. This sounds simple now, but it took me a while to 'get' that.

In the beginning of the project, I did what I usually do, simply started writing. I created a new main character and wrote several chapters. Then, also as usual, I got stuck. This is where I understood that writing a 3rd book in a series, while challenging, also has perks. Many elements and characters had already been created.  One Friday night, I poured myself some wine, set aside my writerly thoughts, and I reread books 1 and 2. I noted what made me excited and what made me curious. I used the answers as inspiration. You can see some of my notes in the photo below. Ultimately, I considered what needed to happen to complete that unfinished story. Writing the end was exciting. I achieved my goal! It was bittersweet though, because I love this world and characters. Book 4? Oh... Maybe. 


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