country girls in a farm field, holidays on the way, and a Thanksgiving margaritašŸŒ¾

A couple weekends ago, my friends invited me over, just to hang out and maybe have some wine. I arrived, with no makeup, hair not done, and a hoodie. It was a gorgeous fall day... They asked if I wanted to join them outside to snap a few photos; I declined, saying I'd been at my desk all day and didn't feel "picture-y." Well, you can see that attitude didn't last long. We stayed outside until the sun went down and our teeth were chatting from the cool night air. We plan to do it again after the first big snowfall, so stand by. Hopefully, those photos will show up here in a couple months.

My book of the month is a Christmas story, but do not worry. I'm not rushing through autumn. I just want ya'll to be ready when the holiday mood strikes.
I plan to spend November getting in a couple more long walks, joining in on the National Novel Writing Month excitement, and trying out some new baking recipes. 

I hope you all have some festive plans for the month. Come find me on the socials so I can follow you back and see what you're up to. I'm easy to find, just look for @isabelledrake!


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