Tribe of the Undead at Once Upon a Book, minus the chains and cloaks

The Monster's Ball at Once Upon a Book in Frankenmuth, Michigan was a monster themed costume naturally I dressed as one of my own monsters, Matte, from my Tribe of the Undead series. No chains or fur cloaks were easily available online, unfortunately. Then again, carrying the chain around might have made dancing difficult. It was a great time!

The events took place over a two days. Some highlights included:

  • Keynote from Eric Asher.
  • A hour in the garden at Ashes & Ales. I had an old-fashioned even though the beer selection was pretty great.
  • Classic Frankenmuth chicken, eaten on an outside patio. 
  • A wonderful signing on Saturday afternoon. Thank you everyone who stopped by my table!
  • Watching and navigating around the many families at the event hotel. The hotel featured 4 pools and a giant waterslide. I did not get to the water slide; however, I get get to enjoy the sign in the elevator. Yes, reading the sign did make me want to run through the hallways, yelling. I did not.


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