Workshop Questions - for the author and reader

Questions for the author, answer prior to workshop

Answer these questions in general:

  • How do you make yourself want to write?
  • How do you create authentic characters instead of generic ones?
  • How do you keep readers reading? 
Answer these specifically in regard to the workshop manuscript: 
  • What are you looking for feedback/help on?
  • What story/message/etc are you trying to tell?
  • What are you hoping the reader gets from your piece?
  • Who do you think your audience would be?

Questions for the reader, discuss during workshop

Overall story experience:

  • How does the title contribute to the story experience?
  • Does the movement of the story feel organic?
  • How does the transformation depict the 5 story elements?
  • Is the story being told or revealed?
  • How does the setting contribute to the overall experience?


  • What do the characters in this story want?
  • Does the story have life such as a transformation in the life of the character?
  • What makes the characters relatable? If not relatable, how does that impact the story?
  • Was there anything that seemed out of place/character?
  • What does the character learn/change? If not, why not?


  • Where does the story tension come from?
  • Is story pacing intention? Effective?
  • Consider the end. What about it satisfying? Is anything missing?
  • Why does the story matter?