Friday, June 4, 2021

Rock & Roll fantasy not about Henry Rollins, cute dog video, and an extra easy to make low carb ­čŹ╣cocktail

Rock & Roll Fantasy, my book of the month, is one of my all time best-selling stories. The idea came to me after a conversation about when I met Henry Rollins, who at the time I met him was not famous and the lead singer for the band Black Flag.  The conversation went something like this.

Two people talking about Henry Rollins' comedy show and how great it was and how funny he is.  

Wanting to be sure I wasn't left out of the convo, because I was (am) a good decade or more older than the young folks having the convo, one asked: "Do you know what show we're talking about? Have you ever heard of Henry Rollins?" 

No, the resulting story has nothing to do with Henry Rollins. But the guys in it do has tattoos and do play rock music. 

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