Thursday, February 4, 2021

Zombie in fishnets, genre-bending erotic paranormal horror

February is a month for romance, wine, and quiet nights.  

It's also the month of blizzards. And zombies.

Mattie, the zombie in my genre-bending erotic paranormal horror, is known and loved for her torn fishnets.

My zombie in fishnet videos, like the story itself, are an “accidental” creation. I did not set out to use myself to promote Servant, the book that comes before Mistress. But after looking for images that suited my story and uncompromising zombie Mattie, I came up empty. 

My solution to this dilemma: put on my own leather mini, torn fishnets, and boots, then go out into my backyard and make my own pics and videos. I imagine I looked a tad eccentric wandering around my backyard, climbing on my woodpile and such, dressed that way and with a hoodie, undone hair and no makeup, but hey–I’m a writer. The neighbors know I’m weird.

Below you can see one of my clips, me stumbling around, trying to mimic the walk of a zombie.

Watch more zombie legs videos on YouTube

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