Zombies, fishnets, and a Halloween cocktail

Zombies, fishnets, and a Halloween cocktail

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Excerpt from Servant of the Undead, erotic horror

Mattie pressed her cold, damp body against Hayden, shoved him to the wall. Behind her, he saw their reflection in the mirror above the sink. Ice and snow clung to her tangled hair, dripping onto the solid curves of her back and shoulders. Between the strips of cloth binding her breasts, he spotted a wide column of black ink staring at the base of her spine and ending about halfway up her back.

 “Well done, researcher.” She grabbed his cock and curved her fingers around his hardening shaft. “You impress me.”

There were no human words for what he was feeling. He grunted in response, but his body betrayed him, and he found himself leaning toward her, seeking her strength and giving in to the power she had over him.

Hayden shook his head, even though his dick was growing still larger in her palm. “No,” he said. “I’ve had enough.”

“You’ve had enough when I say you’ve had enough.” She let go of his shaft and reached around to grab his ass. “Maybe if I join you and your girlfriend in bed, you’ll feel differently.” She caressed his flesh, sliding her hand between his ass cheeks. “I’d be happy to—”

“Take control. I know.” He tried to push her back but she used her strength to hold him.

“That’s right.” She nudged his chin with her nose. “You’re beginning to understand how our relationship works.”


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