How hot is hot? Cara Sutra Feature

Writing erotic romance and erotica is the best but it’s not what I’ve always written. I got my start writing confession stories for magazines like True Confessions and True Love. While my stories gradually got hotter and edgier, I still do tend to write stories about everyday people in extraordinary situations. Pushing my characters out of their usual lives is one of my absolute favorite things to do.

But I’m not writing all the time. When I’m away from my keyboard, I like watching classic horror films, especially Hammer films such as the Karnstein Trilogy, reading (of course) and traveling.

Sex toy features, naughty diaries, sincere Q&A, fetish event coverage and everything else having to do with sex — Cara Sutra is awesome and I was thrilled to be featured on the site.

What's better than a basic feature? I was welcome to send my hottest of hot excerpts for the page. Hit this to read how hot is hot, but don't open this link at the office


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