Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Cuckolding 101, What Don't You Know?

With the release of Make Me Blush available on Amazon, I'm discovering that the cuckolding lifestyle is pretty controversial. How do I know this? I get a lot of weird looks when I describe my stories and series concept. I've had a couple people get defensive and tell me they'd never do it. That's cool if that lifestyle isn't right for them. 
Make Me Blush available on Amazon.

But after several instances of having people feel the need to explain why they wouldn't want to be involved in a cuckold marriage, I started wondering why the need to explain? I've never had anyone feel the need to explain why they wouldn't want to have sex with a zombie, pirate ghost, random cowboy, or any of the other many scenarios I've written. 

Cuckold culture challenges the mainstream notion that women don’t need sex. It also challenges the common belief that women, unlike men, can’t enjoy sex for sex’s sake. That is, women can’t get physical pleasure from sex in a non-committed relationship. Anything that goes against mainstream culture interests me 

Here are a couple things people are surprised to learn about cuckolding:
  • Typically, the husband is aware of the wife’s “cheating” and often arranges, or participates in arranging, the lover. He may also be in control of what happens, including frequency and number of partners.
  • A “cuckold husband” may take pride in his wife’s sexuality and in his ability to manage his “hotwife.”
  • Wearing an ankle bracelet on the right ankle indicates that a woman is a hotwife.

Why do people do it?
  • Cuckold husbands are aroused by the idea of, or by actually witnessing, his wife having sex with another man. One theory that seeks to explain this proposes the idea that men are motivated by competition and the cuckold husband, knowing that he is in competition with another man to sexually satisfy his wife, feels an intensified his passion for her.
  • Hotwives are sexually empowered and, if new to the scene, often experience a sexual reawakening. One biologically-oriented theory states because women, unlike men, experience orgasm in a variety of ways women need variation to be truly satisfied physically. Due to this variation in ways of arousal and satisfaction, women naturally prefer multiple partners who will be able to satisfy them in multiple ways.


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