DH Lawrence even hotter than you remember

The Clandestine Classics line from Total-E-Bound has received a lot of media attention and for good reason. The concept of revisiting classics works, heating them up and pushing the boundaries of sensuality is pretty awesome. For my classic tale, I chose one by DH Lawrence, an author well-known for pushing the limits of “acceptability.”

Here’s a bit about it:

A young man returns from war to find two women living on the isolated farm he’d called ho me. Needing to dominate, he sets out to put his life in order.

The bitter, dark night a rugged man appears on their doorstep, everything about the quiet life of Ellen March and Jill Banford changes. The presence of the powerful, brooding man complicates the simple daily existence of their lives on their struggling chicken farm.

Henry Grenfel, a young soldier recently returned from war, is determined to possess the stronger, more forceful of the two women—Ellen. His need to possess her knows no limits and he uses every opportunity he finds to pressure her into breaking her ties with her best friend, Jill. Jill’s dislike for Henry turns into pure hatred when she realizes he’ll stop at nothing to take Ellen from her.

As the tension among the three of them builds, Henry coerces Ellen into submission, forcing her to recognize her own need for the sexual release only he can provide. After Ellen accepts the inevitability of his dominance and agrees to his marriage proposal, the resentment brewing within the love triangle takes an even darker turn.


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