Like the show House of Cards? Try reading the Invitations series

If you're a House of Cards junkie and need a fix during the day, download the Invitations series stories. You'll get enough  glitter and sex to keep you going until you can back in front of the screen.

Description of the Invitation series:

In Washington, D.C. USA, a city of glittering lights and all-night parties filled with beautiful socialites and powerful politicians, women can to go after what--and who--they want. Waiting for invitations can get in the way, but smart, savvy women create their own opportunities for hot times and hook-ups. Sometimes a woman who breaks the rules to go after what she wants can get in over her head, but if she's with the right man, the more rules broken, the better it gets.

Available on Amazon  and the publisher's site.

Invitations # 1 - Dressed as a sex slave and hiding behind a mask, Emily arrives at a costume party ready to make a former co-worker pay for not noticing her lush curves
Invitations # 2 -  A hotel bed, two pairs of handcuffs, coils of rope and a body builder with a naughty plan—can Kitty Maar handle it all?
Invitations # 3 - Pretending to be a tourist from England while at an exclusive penthouse party, Jenn steps into a trap set by a hot cop with cool green eyes.


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