The Vampire Lovers (1970): Hot lesbian vampires, a creepy castle, and a decent storyline

Hot lesbian vampires, a creepy castle, and a decent storyline...that's what you'll get in the first of the three vampire films that make up Hammer Film's, The Karnstein Trilogy. If you're fan of classic vampire movies, you have to watch this trilogy.

This first one, The Vampire Lovers (1970), centers features a lesbian vampire who uses her awesomeness to lure young women to her. It's based on the 1872 novella CARMILLA by J. Sheridan LeFanu. Coolness from back in the day. I'm posting each of the chapters on Tumblr every Tuesday and Thursday. Check out the PROLOGUE now, then come back for the rest.

If you aren't a vampire classics fan, there is another reason to watch this: to see if girl on girl action is hot. Or, in this case, how hot it is. After the popularity of male-male erotica, people started wondering if woman-woman stories could be equally popular. Watch this movie and see what you think.

It's available on Netflix for instant viewing. The best deal I found on Amazon included The Countess Dracula. I'm not sure I'd pay the 15.00 for the two of them. If you don't have instant access, I'd suggest requesting The Vampire Lovers from the library. Even if you have to wait a couple weeks, it'll be worth it. If you do order it from the library-while you're at it order the other two in the trilogy: Lust for a Vampire and Twins of Evil.

No matter how you watch it, plan ahead: red wine and dark chocolate will be a must, to ensure full viewing pleasure.

The trailer isn't as awesome as it could be, but it gives you an idea of the treat you will be in for.


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