Worse Case Scenario--the signing

I’m actually glad my worst book signing fear has come to pass. Now I can stop sweating it, right?

What is...was..my worse fear? Having no one stop by my table? Spilling my complementary coffee all over myself? Saying something stupid?

Nope. I’ve lived through all of those. Spelling someone’s name wrong - or otherwise messing up the whole written part. For years I’ve been freaking out, thinking what if I spell the name wrong! Well, it finally happened. This last Sunday, I was doing a signing in Pickerington, Ohio (at an awesome Barnes and Noble) and a spelled someone's name wrong. And like most of these kinds of anxiety fears when it actually happened it was no big deal. I just laughed it off, tossed it on my own book stack, and picked up another copy. No. Big. Deal.

It was fun buying a copy of my own book; I gave the messed up copy to a friend. He thought it was hilarious.

Next I need to learn how to sell more books than I buy at signings.


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