Young Adult Suspense

Cherry Grove ~ only the illusion is perfect.

Lush lawns, rolling hills covered with horses, cafes and social clubs--Cherry Grove would be the perfect place to grow up if the illusion was real. But ugly secrets hide behind the pretty faces and sinister lies simmer beneath the perfection.


Lexi Welks wants two things: respect and a college acceptance letter that’ll get her out of too-good-to-be-true Cherry Grove. The problem is a nasty, life-ruining secret she shares with Monica Sanders is about to go public. If their ugly truth comes out her plans for college--not happening--and that’s only the beginning of her end.

Monica is the kind of student teachers adore. Well behaved, hard-working and always follows the rules. She’s the kind of friend other girls follow. Well-dressed, popular and always knows the right thing to do. If only they knew the truth about her. The truth that Lexi found out the hard way, after spending the past summer letting Monica talk her into doing things she knew could come back to ruin her.

Now, it’s the first week of school and one of the seniors is missing. Lexi knows a thing or two about the circumstances of his disappearance but she’s not talking. Neither is Monica. Those secrets need to stay buried. Because once the nasty truths start unravelling everyone is going to find out, nothing is what it seems.

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Peter said...

This sounds like an interesting book. I'll have to pick up a copy.